Find Best AI Generated Sales and Marketing for Business Product Sales in Lubbock Texas.
Get Your Business Started Today with AI Lead Generation in Lubbock Texas
How To Get Your Business Started Today with AI Lead Generation in Lubbock Texas

How to Get Stated?

Getting Started With Your AI Lead Generation

Set Up Your Company Profile

Enter Your Company Name, Address, and Payment Information to Get Started

Once we get your console setup, you have control panel access.  Login with your personal password that we email to you.  

Enter your company name, address, email, and payment information on your customer control panel. 

How many leads to you want to start with? You control the campaign and are free to change the number of leads anytime. Start and stop your campaign with the click of a button. Turn it up or turn it down. 

Enter Your Desired Keywords

How to Get Started With AI Lead Generation and Start Searching for Your Business Keywords.

Now that you have your console setup and have your information entered into the campaign, its time to enter your keywords.

Which keywords are your customers looking for? 

Find the customer leads that are currently searching for your business and services, instantly! 

Customer Leads

Access your customer leads on Google Sheets

Your customer leads are automatically populated for you on a google sheet, which you can access anywhere and anytime. 

How Does It Work?

New "PRE-TARGETING" AI Technology

Internet Monitoring

Search Pre Targeting for Customer Leads by Sky Blessed Digital

We continually monitor the ENTIRE Internet. Every website that has a search bar is included in our massive search. 

As your potential customer is search for your product or service, our AI PRE-TARGETING is obtaining the data. In REAL TIME!

Data Source

Customer Data Source for New Business Leads by Sky Blessed Digital

When a search is initiated for a particular product or service, our large data source provides the name, address, phone number, and email of the person doing the searching.  If this search happens to be a product or service that you sell, you can easily obtain this lead. We can deliver this lead to you instantly. It’s like reading the mind of your customer and quickly providing what they need. 

Marketing Game Changer

Pre-Targeting your customer leads is a complete game changer. If you would like to learn more about Pre-Targeting customers for your business contact us today.

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